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BOOK REVIEW: Love by Deception by K.C. Barnard

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Meet K.C. a gregarious, fun loving woman in her thirties. With an abundance of friends, and an enviable position as a jet-setting stewardess in the prestigious world of private aviation, she seems to have it all….but does she?

Love by Deception is a compelling read of how meeting the wrong person can bring not only heartache, but real devastation in the most brutal of ways. We follow K.C.’s turmoil, as we unravel her disastrous relationships where she becomes the unwitting victim to four extremely cruel men.

Throughout K.C.’s journey she is determined to never allow anyone to break her spirit.

This book was an different read that typical.  And difficult to review.  K.C. really does have the world at her fingertips.  Between some really positive relationships, that she walks away from because she’s just not ready to settle down, she has some disastrous relationships.  And I don’t just mean everyday run of the mill disastrous.  We are talking full on how the heck did you get hooked up with a narcissistic psychopath disastrous.  Some of the most negative of the human race individuals and she had relationships with more than one of them.  I can see falling prey once in a situation like that and trying to find up to get out.  But four times?  I’d start to doubt my ability read people.  I’d start to doubt that I even belonged in a relationship ya know?  What am I doing to attract these cretins kind of mindset.

This book is written as a true account of one person’s experiences.  Up to and including references and resources for others who may find themselves in similar situations.  It’s a sit down with a girl friend over a cup of coffee leading to wine because good golly you’re gonna need it kind of read.  It’s easy for people to judge because unless you were there in the moment you don’t know what it was like for K.C.  Even with the book people will judge because well ‘didn’t you see the signs, you’ve been down this road before’ mentality.  Hindsight, like this book was written, is always easier to see than in the moment.  I applaud this author for putting herself on the line to tell her story.  To share with other women, and even men, that these things are not OK.  And that even a self sufficient, self assured, confident person can become prey.  And that even individuals raised in loving households with good examples of positive relationships can fall prey.  Domestic violence can take many forms and is never one size fits all.  You can’t pigeonhole who will become a victim.  You can’t pigeonhole who will become an abuser.  And you can’t even pigeonhole what you see from the outside.

This book could have used a few edits, a read through by a group of beta readers would have been handy with some of the spelling and grammatical issues.  At times story flow as iffy.  Yes, editorially it needed help.  Please don’t let that detract from the promise this book has.  It’s not every day you get to sit down with a book, as if it were a friend, and come through the other side of domestic violence.  You don’t have to suffer in brokenness.  You don’t have to survive with brokenness.  There is hope.  There is healing.  And there is new opportunities and chances.

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Love by Deception: A harrowing true story of love and betrayal.

 About K.C. Barnard

VIP air stewardess & author of a compelling true story….how meeting the wrong man can bring not only heartache, but real devastation in the most brutal way.

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RECIPE: Baklava Muffins

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RECIPE: Santa Fe Chicken Soup

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Easter Egg Candles

Remember these little gems? Easter Egg Candles are back by pre-order only for a limited time! Anytime between now and midnight February 28th place your pre-order. All orders will be poured and delivered before the end of March. Email me, Facebook me, Twitter me, Call Me, Contact me via the Blog, just make sure the time stamp is before March 1. No money is due until your order is delivered (within 30 miles of Bolivar, MO) or shipped. (Shipping will be extra.) One dozen recycled egg shells filled with colored, 100% custom blend soy wax. Eggs will be shipped in a recycled egg carton with Easter grass included for packaging. Due to the nature of this product, eggs are for decorative purposes only! (Although shell can be peeled and wax used in a warmer.) In the past customers have later colored the shells just like any other egg just to […]