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She had such a frightened little voice that Dorothy stopped and said, “Why not?” “Because,” answered the Princess, also stopping, a safe distance away, “if I run I may fall down and break myself.” “But could you not be mended?” asked the girl. “Oh, yes; but one is never so pretty after being mended, you know,” replied the Princess. “I suppose not,” said Dorothy.

“Now there is Mr. Joker, one of our clowns,” continued the china lady, “who is always trying to stand upon his head. He has broken himself so often that he is mended in a hundred.”

Level 1 Heading

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An Unordered List

Thus speak of the whale, the great Cuvier, and John Hunter, and Lesson, those lights of zoology and anatomy. Nevertheless, though of real knowledge there be little, yet of books there are a plenty; and so in some small degree, with cetology, or the science of whales. Many are the men, small and great, old and new, landsmen and seamen, who have at large or in little, written of the whale. Run over a few:

  • Aristotle;
  • Pliny;
  • Aldrovandi;
  • Sir Thomas Browne;
  • Gesner;
  • Ray;
  • Linnaeus;
  • Rondeletius;
  • Willoughby;
  • Green;


An Ordered List

  1. Artedi;
  2. Sibbald;
  3. Brisson;
  4. Marten;
  5. Lacepede;
  6. Bonneterre;
  7. Desmarest;
  8. Baron Cuvier


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A photo with caption
A photo with caption

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