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Easter Egg Candles

Posted February 11, 2017 by Fizzy Pop in candles, Easter Egg Candles, Fizzy Pop, Fizzy Pop Collection, soy wax / 0 Comments

Remember these little gems? Easter Egg Candles are back by pre-order only for a limited time!

Anytime between now and midnight February 28th place your pre-order. All orders will be poured and delivered before the end of March. Email me, Facebook me, Twitter me, Call Me, Contact me via the Blog, just make sure the time stamp is before March 1. No money is due until your order is delivered (within 30 miles of Bolivar, MO) or shipped. (Shipping will be extra.)

One dozen recycled egg shells filled with colored, 100% custom blend soy wax. Eggs will be shipped in a recycled egg carton with Easter grass included for packaging. Due to the nature of this product, eggs are for decorative purposes only! (Although shell can be peeled and wax used in a warmer.) In the past customers have later colored the shells just like any other egg just to add another lay of interest and their own customization. Feel free to customize with what works for you and your family as well.

Price: $6 per dozen



Fasten Your Seatbelts

So, I’ve been procrastinating since last I graced these hallowed pages.  I was so behind on everything, so overwhelmed with trying to figure out where to start with all the behindness.  So I did nothing.  And guess what…got further behind. New Year, New Plan! So, in the procrastinating for really just over a year now I’ve had to let a lot of things slide.  With kiddos in and out of the house and job changes and life changes something had to give and this was the thing that was easiest to ‘give’.  And I’m finding myself pouring a lot of myself into other passions for a while.  I have a moderately successful Sims blog right now.  If you don’t know what Sims is I’m not sure we can be friends.  Or I can explain it to you at request and then you will understand and be part of the magic […]