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RECIPE:  Santa Fe Chicken Soup

RECIPE: Santa Fe Chicken Soup

This soup has become a household favorite ever since I discovered many years ago from a friend via ‘Eating for Life’ by Bill Phillips.  Of course, like I do, I took the original recipe and tweaked it a bit to fit my own flavor preferences.  Below you will see the Fizzy-fied version of this recipe.  Including my own tips for better flavor! The Ingredients:chicken, boneless and skinlesslime juicetaco seasoningbrown ricechicken broth or soup baseonionminced garlicchopped green chiliesbutter and/or olive oilcheddar cheese, shreddedsour creamcilantroThe Directions:  3 Easy Steps to amazing soup  Easy, start creating your flavor.  In the pan you will use to cook it (important for best flavor) marinate your chicken with some lime juice and taco seasoning.  The reason I suggest the same pan is twofold.  First less dishes!  Secondly, by marinating and cooking in the same pan you don’t lose any of the extra flavored juice in the […]