Kirkpatrick, Jane

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Jane Kirkpatrick

Reviewers and readers alike acclaim Jane’s work as unique in a world of storytellers. “Kirkpatrick’s books enfold the reader. They whisper “let me tell you about a woman who…. They find a secret place in each of us and bring it gently to the surface.” The Statesman Journal, Salem Oregon. Moving from being a mental health professional to rancher, writer and rattlesnake fighter to full time writer Jane has produced 31 books bestselling and award – winning books. She has 26 novels and five non-fiction titles to her credit. Her works have sold over a million copies, been translated into foreign languages, won literary awards such as the Wrangler, WILLA Literary and Carol and “I like helping people from the distant past step from their generation into our own to teach us and touch us with their lives.” Jane lives with her husband Jerry and two dogs near Bend in Central Oregon. Enjoy receiving her Story Sparks newsletter by signing up at .



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