SPOTLIGHT: Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt with Chautona Havig

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SPOTLIGHT: Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt with Chautona Havig

Welcome to the Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt featuring Chautona Havig!  Every day a different blog, a different book.  Even I don’t know who has which book! Which makes this tour almost as exciting for me as for you.  Today kicks off the tour with the first book review and I’m throwing in the list of links for each day.  Come back by on the 3rd of October for my review of the book I chose.  In the meantime check out all the other books and the guest post from the author.


“It’s your responsibility, young ladies, to ensure your relationship with your boyfriend stays pure.”
If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times—maybe more! And to some degree, it’s true. No wait, don’t tune me out yet. It’s kind of like any relationship. You must give 100% of yourself to a relationship, and allow the Lord to deal with the problems from the other side.
So, assuming neither party is prone to force, it only takes one person to always say no to immoral behavior to ensure physical purity in a relationship. Put that simplistically and without any other caveats, I can agree with that (although I would hope the boys are hearing the same thing!).
However, it rarely stopped there. Usually, the well-meaning woman at the front of the Sunday School (or youth retreat/rally) would add, “Boys just cannot achieve that measure of self-control, and we don’t have the same temptations they do. So it’s our responsibility, as sisters in Christ,to help them.”
Hogwash. To both accounts. Young men who are indwelled by the Holy Spirit are just as capable of self-control (a fruit of that indwelling) as any Christian young woman! And anyone who believes young women do not have the same sexual temptations as young men probably got their ideas of female sexuality from a Victorian medical journal on the problem of female hysteria.
Add to that situation, the problem of putting young people with a zeal for the Lord and no public mistakes to humble them, and you end up with a young woman like Savannah Foster. Her love of the Lord is true and unwavering. But when you’ve blindly trusted a lie for years, and then that lie leaves you unprotected and vulnerable, it can send you floundering. And when one flounders, one often sinks.
Not a Word is more than one young man’s journey to Jesus. It’s more than the story of love that never wavers—that bears all things, hopes all things, endures all things. It’s the story of the disservice churches so often do to their young people. Many times we gloss over the temptations they’ll face or the temptations to hide our sin that we’ll face.
It’s the cry of a fictional girl, a plea from her to make a change in how we approach these things before the next real girl finds herself tempted when she’d bought the lie that it wouldn’t be that strong for her.


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