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30 Days of Gratefulness: Day 5

Posted November 5, 2017 by Fizzy Pop in 30 Days, Gratefulness / 2 Comments

I’m somehow drawn to challenges. Song challenges, writing challenges, Sims challenges, just about any challenge. While tossing around blog ideas with my partner in crime the idea to do a monthly challenge came up. I was hesitant to move this to the blog but then tossed it up and said ‘why not?’. Here you have it, my first 30 Day Challenge.30 Days of Gratefulness

Every day this month I’ll post a Gratefulness or Gratitude prompt. I’d really enjoy hearing your input on this prompt as well in the comments below. Today’s prompt:

They tell me I have to like my family.  OK, perhaps love was the word but ya know.  I’ve got lots of favorite family members but I think I’ll stick with my favorite Mom.  OK, really my only Mom but ya know.  She is constantly saying she doesn’t have an kids.  I always think, yup you got rid of the goats but you have your favorite oldest baby and your favorite youngest baby.  And, I look just like ya, you can’t deny me.

My Mom is half the reason I am alive.  My Mom is quiet but funny, kind and gentle but consistent, introverted yet embracing. My Mom is the reason I am a reader, having introduced me to books before I can remember a world without books.  She has supported my crazy ideas and random dreams even when she thinks I’ve gone completely ’round the bend.  I still depend on her for so many things and am very grateful to still have her around for the mending and the discussions and the books and the conversations.

Your turn!  What family member are you most grateful for?  Share in the comments below.

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