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30 Days of Gratefulness: Day 3

Posted November 3, 2017 by Fizzy Pop in 30 Days, Gratefulness / 2 Comments

I’m somehow drawn to challenges. Song challenges, writing challenges, Sims challenges, just about any challenge. While tossing around blog ideas with my partner in crime the idea to do a monthly challenge came up. I was hesitant to move this to the blog but then tossed it up and said ‘why not?’. Here you have it, my first 30 Day Challenge.
30 Days of Gratefulness

Every day this month I’ll post a Gratefulness or Gratitude prompt. I’d really enjoy hearing your input on this prompt as well in the comments below. Today’s prompt:

Wow, talk about going deep fast, I might get the bends coming back up from this one.  I’d better be grateful for all the things money can’t buy since I like to announce I’m poor all the time.  However, the truth is I’m so much richer than so many people I have met.  I’m rich with friendship and love.  I’m rich with books and new adventures and unknown worlds.  Although I guess the truth is I can’t count books since money totally buys them.

Every thought that comes to my head somehow revolves back to money.  I think I’m seriously over thinking this.  I am ever so beyond deeply grateful for the friends I have in my life.  But then I over think how so many of these friendships require internet and phone calls and they take money.  And without internet and phone calls would they be the deep friendships they are?  See, totally an over thinker.  I’m gonna stick with this as the ‘final answer Regis’.  I have local friends and local besties and I have distance friends and distance besties.  All of these require technology because well, I’m always at work or always driving to and from work, or always at home in my bubble.  Even locals require technology 😀 Regardless, near or far, these people bring so much depth and joy and excitement and occasionally adventure into my life.

Dear friends, today I’m grateful for you.  Money may buy the technology that keeps us connected but it sure can’t buy the kind of friendship I get to share with each one of you!

Your turn!  What one thing in your life are you grateful for that money can’t buy?  It isn’t about things or even people (as was my case).

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