30 Days of Gratefulness: Day 1

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I’m somehow drawn to challenges.  Song challenges, writing challenges, Sims challenges, just about any challenge.  While tossing around blog ideas with my partner in crime the idea to do a monthly challenge came up.  I was hesitant to move this to the blog but then tossed it up and said ‘why not?’.  Here you have it, my first 30 Day Challenge.
30 Days of Gratefulness

Every day this month I’ll post a Gratefulness or Gratitude prompt.  I’d really enjoy hearing your input on this prompt as well in the comments below.  Today’s prompt:

Gratefulness Day 1

As I sit down to start this first gratefulness prompt I’m rethinking the wisdom of this experiment.  Inspiration?  This can be taken so many different ways and answered in almost no way that makes sense.  I think.

Honestly, this won’t make sense to a lot of you but the inspiration behind the Nano novel I started a couple of years ago ‘Finding Galena’ is probably right up there as a memorable moment.  It’s not like I started November that year knowing that was what I was going to write.  It started ages before that on a spring afternoon.  I think it was spring, perhaps it was the previous fall.  Anyway, that’s not really relevant to this discussion.  I was hanging out with some clients at my former job (I worked with adults with developmental disabilities) at a local rec center that we could go to and play basketball, volleyball and even kickball.  It was a lot of fun for the clients and staff.  We were taking some down time and having drinks and snacks, catching up on charting, you know the usual stuff when this girl showed up in my head.  She showed up with an attitude and some serious complaining about brother who always burns the toast and leaves the bacon soggy.  She was a farm girl, it was hay season, and apparently her mother was ill again and her brother was botching breakfast.  I mean, I get it who likes soggy bacon?  This girl shows up, demands these couple of paragraphs about her morning and then disappears without even telling me her name.  I wrote it out in my notebook and filled it away as a moment of perhaps insanity.  She didn’t return until all that time later and I needed a Nano novel.  I came across her two paragraphs again and gently coaxed her back to me.  She told me her beginning, she told me her ending but she never really filled in the rest of the story.  She made me work for every single word that year.  I got about 1000 words just out of making a sandwich.  I’m telling ya, this girl made me work for it.  Every time she visits she changes her name a little bit.  Her attitude never wavers, her family never changes, who she is, what she wants and how she ends up never changes.  I just can’t seem to get her to tell me the rest of the story so to speak.  This moment of inspiration, sitting in the rec center, is probably a moment of inspiration that tops the grateful list.  IF I ever finish a story I think it will be this one.  I hope it will.

Your turn!  What is a moment of inspiration that you are grateful for?  It doesn’t have to be about words.  Inspiration is everywhere in every medium, just pick your favorite!

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2 responses to “30 Days of Gratefulness: Day 1

  1. Great question. I’m inspired by the weirdest things. Definitely nothing profound like your story. It might be a text asking me about something when I’ve already been thinking about it. Or it may be this random idea that just pops in my head for no good reason.

    • Fizzy Pop

      That’s the awesome part of gratefulness, it doesn’t have to be profound. Or even really make sense to anyone else. Though I don’t see mine as profound it just was.

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