30 Days of Gratefulness: Day 2

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I’m somehow drawn to challenges. Song challenges, writing challenges, Sims challenges, just about any challenge. While tossing around blog ideas with my partner in crime the idea to do a monthly challenge came up. I was hesitant to move this to the blog but then tossed it up and said ‘why not?’. Here you have it, my first 30 Day Challenge.30 Days of Gratefulness

Every day this month I’ll post a Gratefulness or Gratitude prompt. I’d really enjoy hearing your input on this prompt as well in the comments below. Today’s prompt:Gratefulness Day 2

This is a no-brainer in my world.  I’m most grateful for fuzzy socks.  They top my Christmas list every year but I’d gladly accept a pair, or 20, at any time of the year.  As a person who has difficulty maintaining and regulating my body temperature constant coldness is a real thing.  I wear fuzzy socks year round.  They keep my toes warm.  Heck, I even by my boots for winter a tad bigger than I need to accommodate my fuzzy socks!  No only are they super warm, they are super comfortable.  Added bonus is they come a such a variety of designs and colors that they also pretty much look super cool!  Of course fuzzy socks are closely followed by jammies as I believe I actually own more jammies than work clothes but that’s neither here nor there.  The article of clothing I’m MOST grateful for is fuzzy socks.

Your turn! What article of clothing are you most grateful for?

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