30 Days of Gratefulness: Day 6

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I’m somehow drawn to challenges. Song challenges, writing challenges, Sims challenges, just about any challenge. While tossing around blog ideas with my partner in crime the idea to do a monthly challenge came up. I was hesitant to move this to the blog but then tossed it up and said ‘why not?’. Here you have it, my first 30 Day Challenge.
30 Days of Gratefulness

Every day this month I’ll post a Gratefulness or Gratitude prompt. I’d really enjoy hearing your input on this prompt as well in the comments below. Today’s prompt:

OK, I’m just going to say it.  Why do I have to pick one friend?  Why?!?  If I am forced to choose just one then I ultimately end up on someone’s naughty list.  Ain’t doin’ it!  You can’t make it!  *stomps fingers on keys?*  That being said I’m going to do what I do best, fizzify the question!  Write about your friends you are grateful for.  Yup, that works better!

I’m grateful for my friends for so many different reasons that I sorta covered yesterday in Reflections.  My friends are a vital part of my family.  They are the glue that keeps my sanity in line.  They are my glass of wine, my funny movie, my bookish outlet, my Minions, my pasta dinner, … Shall I continue?  I’m grateful for my friends because without them my world could not be complete.  They are my love and be loved, my respect and be respected.  They fill in the missing pieces of what life is supposed to be about.

Your turn!  Share a friend you are grateful for.  Or better yet why you are grateful for your friends in the comments below.

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