BOOK REVIEW: An Inconvenient Beauty by Kristi Ann Hunter

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BOOK REVIEW: An Inconvenient Beauty by Kristi Ann HunterAn Inconvenient Beauty (Hawthorne House Book #4) by Kristi Ann Hunter
Series: Hawthorne House #4
Published by Bethany House on September 5th 2017
Genres: Christian, Fiction, Historical, Regency, Romance
Pages: 384
Source: NetGalley

Award-Winning Regency Romance Author on the RiseGriffith, Duke of Riverton, likes order, logic, and control, and he naturally applies this rational approach to his search for a bride. He's certain Miss Frederica St. Claire is the perfect wife for him, but while Frederica is strangely elusive, he can't seem to stop running into her stunningly beautiful cousin, Miss Isabella Breckenridge.

Isabella should be enjoying her society debut, but with her family in difficult circumstances, her uncle will only help them if she'll use her beauty to assist him in his political aims. Already uncomfortable with this agreement, the more she comes to know Griffith, the more she wishes to be free of her unfortunate obligation.

Will Griffith and Isabella be able to set aside their pride and face their fears in time to find their own happily-ever-after?

When I saw this book I knew I had to read it.  I didn’t pay enough attention to the fact that it was fourth in a series.  In my goal to read ‘all the books’ this was just a minor hiccup, not a setback.  Until it was.  All the books people, it’s harder than it sounds.  I found other books slipping in and pushing this book back because there were three that needed to be read.  I found the end of the year creeping up on me and books that were still waiting in the wings for their turn to shine.  I took a leap and crossed my toes and dove into ‘An Inconvenient Beauty’ hoping on hopes that it would read well as a stand alone novel.  I was not disappointed, nor was I lost, as I flew through the pages.  Yes, the experience would have been enriched with the reading of the previous three.  But, I wasn’t lost in the weeds and it read nicely all on it’s own.  Now, I still want to read the rest of the books.

I was drawn into the story and carried along with the details.  Though at times I had an overwhelming need to yell at Isabella.  Perhaps a Gibbs’ smack or two would have been appropriate as well.  I can’t say a lot without giving away a lot of plot but suffice it to say that she got annoying with her martyr complex.  Griffith with his over-analyzing and over thinking and perfectly planned out everything – wait that’s not so bad, I kinda liked it.  But anyway, he took it entirely too far and he needed a couple of smacks as well if truth be told.  I got bogged down in all the repeating details.  There came a point where I got bored with the looping story that wasn’t really moving forward. I mean it did but ever so utterly slowly at times that I seriously considered skipping pages.  I didn’t because, well fear of missing something important, but I thought about it.

Gibbs’ smacking aside, the characters were well developed and engaging.  The story line was developed and the plot, while somewhat predictable, was engaging.  While I assumed I knew things as fact I still needed to know exactly how it played out. If you enjoy the Regency period and grand balls and titles mixed with romance then this is a great book to read.  If you like a little puzzle and mystery with your romance you will really enjoy this book.  It’s set in faith but it’s not an over powering and detracting to the story.  It’s actually well handed and compliments the greater story of the book.  I’ve definitely got to go back and read the first three!

An Inconvenient Beauty (Hawthorne House #4)
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About Kristi Ann Hunter

Kristi Ann Hunter

Kristi is the RITA® award winning author of Regency romance novels from a Christian worldview. Her titles include A Noble Masquerade, An Elegant Façade, and An Uncommon Courtship. Beyond writing, she is also speaker, teaching classes in writing as well as Biblical and spiritual topics. She has spoken to writers’ groups, schools, and young women’s groups at churches.

When she is not writing or interacting with her readers, Kristi spends time with her family and her church. A graduate of Georgia Tech with a computer science degree, she can also be found fiddling with her computer in her free time. A born lover of stories she is also an avid reader. From very young she dreamed of sharing her own stories with others and praises God daily that she gets to live that dream today.

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