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As many of us are bustling about preparing to travel to or host our friends and family it’s easy to forget the bigger picture.  It’s easy to get lost in checking our shopping lists that no one has been forgotten, it’s easy to get lost in wrapping and bagging all the gifts and trinkets from our lists, it’s easy to get lost in cooking and serving our family and friends.  It’s easy to get lost in hanging the lights and lighting tree.  It’s easy to forget that so long ago the ultimate gift was literally born in a barn with no special meal, no decorated rooms, his first visitors some animals and shepherds.

I’m frequently accused of being Scrinchy Groughy (a mix up I offhandedly invent a few years back).  I’m not into all the Christmas hubbub.  I don’t deck the halls so to speak.  I’m more a Thanksgiving gal if you must know.  However, I do embrace the Spirit of Christmas.  The Idea of Christmas.  Christmas has become such a financial holiday on top of being a social holiday.  Even if you aren’t gathering with all the people at home there are more people on the roads, in the stores, all around you.  I don’t shop this time of year.  Too many people!  In the Spirit of Christmas, I leave you one of my favorite Christmas ‘songs’ if you will.

From my home to yours I wish you all the joy of this Holiday Season.
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Merry Christmas

Christmas.  In the stores, magazines, and commercials you see perfectly decorated designer trees surrounded by beautifully wrapped presents with ribbons Martha Stewart can show you how to make, amazing looking food, and well behaved children.  Do Not believe the magazines.  Christmas is not a commercial.  It is not airbrushed food.  And it definitely is not perfectly behaved children.  Christmas is about having a heart of awe and wonderment.  Whether Santa visits your home or you have an elf sitting on your shelf Christmas is about so much more.  Try really hard to remember your amazement as a child looking at the tree for the first time after the lights and decorations were added.  The thrill of anticipation.  For some of us it’s more difficult to remember back that far but really try.  You beat on your sister a little less.  You complained a little less.  You didn’t care if the […]