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RECIPE: Banana Bread

Posted June 16, 2017 by Fizzy Pop in Fizzy Pop, Fizzy Pop Collection, Munchkin, Recipe, sweet treats / 2 Comments

It’s kids week on the blog which means another treat from one of the Minions of Mayhem.  Goobie was supposed to get his turn this month but alas, he’s still in California visiting with the grandparents.  I was in a panicked bind when a few other things worked out to my advantage so I simply switched him and Munch around.  With Munch doing all the book reviews this week as well I feel like it should be called Munch instead of Kids Week.

We talked bout options and then chose to dip into my Grandma’s recipe collection.  Let me tell ya, Grandma Atkins was quite the cook, but especially quite the baker.  I’ve been promising the Minions banana bread for a while, and have a freezer full just waiting to be utilized when Munch decided it had to happen.  This week.  So that’s what we did, or should I say he did.  There were a few hiccups with leveling over the counter and floor instead of the container or perhaps pulling the mixer out of the batter still on, but that just means he gets to clean up. Right?


 1/2 Cup butter
1 Cup sugar
2 large eggs
1 Cup mashed bananas (I use more as I like a stronger banana flavor)
1 Cup flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 Cup chopped pecans (we left them out, I want to live)
I also added about a Tablespoon of vanilla (sorry Grandma but vanilla makes everything better!)

Beat all ingredients together.  Pour into greased 9×5 inch loaf pan, leaving center lower.  (I used mini loaf pans instead).  Bake at 350 degrees F for 45 minutes or until done (mini loaves about 30 minutes).  Let stand 20 minutes.  Serves 10. (Or one Munchkin twice.)

Let’s talk about measuring ingredients.  It was a great opportunity to teach him that not only do we need to measure but that baking is really based on proportions and that leveling ingredients is important to ensure that the same amount is used each time.  It was easy with the little stuff, the big stuff…well easy yes messy yes-er.

I brushed on just a bit of butter as they came out of the oven and after letting sit we shared some with our friends next door and then feasted ourselves!


BOOK REVIEW: Who Was Thomas Alva Edison? by Margaret Frith Illustrated by John O’Brien

BOOK REVIEW: Who Was Thomas Alva Edison? by Margaret Frith Illustrated by John O’Brien

One day in 1882, Thomas Edison flipped a switch that lit up lower Manhattan with incandescent light and changed the way people live ever after. The electric light bulb was only one of thousands of Edison’s inventions, which include the phonograph and the kinetoscope, an early precursor to the movie camera. As a boy, observing a robin catch a worm and then take flight, he fed a playmate a mixture of worms and water to see if she could fly! Here’s an accessible, appealing biography with 100 black-and-white illustrations. I first discovered this series of books at Barnes & Noble while birthday shopping for Munch.  I knew it would be perfect for him and with a sale going on I picked up several of people I knew he admired, because he talked about them all the time.  And a few that I thought we could enjoy together as I wanted […]

BOOK REVIEW: Jack Ferrington and the School for Swabbies by Clint Perry

BOOK REVIEW: Jack Ferrington and the School for Swabbies by Clint Perry

Where do pirates learn to be pirates? Pirate school of course! Welcome to School for Swabbies where the highest grade you’ll get is the Sea. Jack Ferrington dreams of cannons, parlay, treasure hunting, sword fights and more. He’s had his fill of elementary school and is ready to move on to Moray Middle, home of the “Fighting Eels”, where adventure awaits in the unlikeliest of places. Real pirates are the instructors! Real danger around every corner! Are you ready to join Jack on his first day at pirate school? We can’t wait to have you join Jack and his friends at Moray Middle School, home of the “Fighting Eeels” So, let’s talk about this interesting book that I let the Munchkin pick out from NetGalley to read and review with me.  He’s not done a review in a very long time and well, the other Minions of Mayhem are not […]

RECIPE: Eggy Sauce

RECIPE: Eggy Sauce

So, a staple for me growing up is something called Eggy Sauce.  Now work with me a minute as it only got that name about 7ish years ago.  I always just said scrambled eggs with sausage and sometimes cheese.  Nope, not good enough for the Munchkin.  Perhaps because he couldn’t say it?  Who knows now but at the ripe old age of 2ish he named that particular treat Eggy Sauce and the rest is history.  Seriously, everyone even remotely connected to me that I know about calls it that! Since today is all about the Eggy Sauce it only seems right that we have a guest contributor.  If you know me in real life then you’ve known him his whole life.  I first introduced him on the blog back in 2012 when he was an obnoxious 4 year old. (See original post here) Now he’s closing in on 9 and […]