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Reflections is a weekly meme hosted by Kristin of A Simply Enchanted Life and Fizzy of Fizzy Pop Collection. Every Sunday we will dig deeper in our recent reads to explore the real-life lessons within the pages. Reading the book yourself is not necessary to participate. If you would like to host your own reflection, you’re welcome to copy and paste this introduction, with the link to our pages. You may use our current or prior reflections or come up with your own.

In the collection ‘An Amish Christmas Love‘ Amy Clipston wrote the novella ‘ The Christmas Cat’.  By the end of the story, Emma realizes that the young people she had spent her Christmas with had become her family.  Was there ever a time when your friends felt like family members?

I’ve always heard that you can’t pick your family but you can pick your friends.  I’ve always countered with the idea that you can pick both.  And sometimes the family you choose is closer knit that then family you are born with.  Both are equally valuable in having a full life.

There are friends in your life that just leap to the next level.  The people that you choose to surround yourself with because there is mutual interest, mutual respect, and even mutual need.  Let’s face it, lying and saying you don’t need someone in your life is a lie.  You need someone that respects you, even when they disagree.  You need someone that loves you, even when you aren’t very loveable.  Just as important you need someone you can love, because hopefully we aren’t all narcissistic beasts.  I call these people my framily.

My framily is the family I’ve chosen.  They are just as stuck with me as the family I was born to.  I despair to name names because ultimately I’ll leave someone out.  Amanda who is good for just some down time, a glass of wine, Minion antics, and crazy midnight runs to where ever.  Kristin who tries to make me a better nerd, who gets my bookishness, and always has a moment despite her house full of little people.  Bobbi, whose turn it is to visit, who I don’t get to talk to near enough but keeps me just slightly grounded and yet also helps to keep my ego elevated.  Bah Bah, who is so close yet just far enough away that visits are rare but gets me on a different level.  There’s my work family who are sometimes the only reason I can bear to go to work.  There are so many more I could name but I’d still be remiss in leaving someone out.

Your turn!  Was there ever a time when your friends felt like family members?  Leave an answer in the comments below.

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