BOOK REVIEW: The Two of Us by Victoria Bylin

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BOOK REVIEW: The Two of Us by Victoria BylinThe Two of Us by Victoria Bylin
Published by Bethany House on August 8th 2017
Genres: Christian, Contemporary, Fiction, General, Romance
Pages: 352
Source: NetGalley

Heartwarming and Touching New Contemporary Romance from Victoria BylinAfter two broken engagements, nurse practitioner Mia Robinson is done with dating. From now on, she only trusts herself and God, and she's focused on her eighteen-year-old sister, Lucy, and caring for patients. Just as she applies to work for an international aid organization, a phone call from Lucy, who's pregnant and running off to marry her twenty-one-year-old boyfriend, throws a wrench into all of Mia's plans.

Jake Tanner may have recovered from the physical injuries he sustained on the job as a police officer, but his heart has yet to heal from losing his former partner in the tragedy. He's poured himself into starting a camp for the sons of fallen officers and mentoring Sam, the adult son of his deceased partner, who's asked him to be his best man at his wedding.

Mia is expecting a mess when she arrives to sort out the situation with Lucy, but she wasn't expecting Jake. And Jake, who can't help envying Sam and Lucy, doubts he'll ever experience their happiness for himself. But maybe Jake's courage and Mia's caring spirit are just what they need to bring them a lifetime of healing and a forever kind of love. . . .

Have you ever read a book you really liked but somehow just didn’t bond to?  I mean the book is so well written with amazingly complex characters and a plot that keeps you engaged.  A book that you couldn’t put down it was just that good.  But you don’t bond with it.  Perhaps I’m just romanced out.  Time to switch up the genres again or something.  This book was amazingly well written.  Even the secondary characters had depth and complexity.  There were multiple lines of plot and love stories and couples and it all worked and danced together so brilliantly.  But I just didn’t bond with it all.

This story is about so much more than just Mia and Jake.  It really starts with Lucy and Sam.  Lucy is Mia’s baby sister that she raised through the hard years, who is happiness and light and spontaneity with directly juxtaposes Mia’s careful planning and calculating.  Lucy who finds herself pregnant at not quite 19 and marrying the love of her life.  It starts with Sam, the son of Jake’s former partner on the police force who died on duty in the same debacle that cost Jake his hearing.  Sam, with a full ROTC scholarship to college, at 21 finds himself facing impending fatherhood as he marries the love of his life.  This story is about Jake’s parents Frank and Claire who have been married for decades, who have faced the hardships of a lifetime together and came out the other side.  And now they face the biggest test of all.  Alzheimer’s.  Who with a little help from Lucy find the strength and patience to carry on.

I really really liked this story.  It’s a new to me author and I am glad I chose this book and I’m ready to pick up another book.  If you like depth to your romance.  If you love stories of faith, and mistakes, and redemption this is the book for you.  Yes, Lucy gets pregnant before they get married.  If that bothers you then perhaps this isn’t the book for you.  If you are a human being who has made mistakes but are forgiven by God then read on.  It might be a simple romance where boy meets girl and they go through all the hoops to find each other but there’s so much more than that to this book.  Read it!

The Two of Us
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About Victoria Bylin

Victoria Bylin

Known for her realistic, likable characters and vivid writing, Victoria Bylin delights in tackling tough subjects with respect and compassion. Together With You (Bethany House, 2016) won the Inspirational Readers Choice Award for Best Contemporary Romance. Her books, both contemporaries and western historicals,have finaled in the Carol Awards, the RITAs, and RT Magazine’s Reviewers Choice Awards. A native of California, she and her husband now make their home in Lexington, Kentucky. They have two grown sons and are the proud grandparents of twin girls

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