BOOK REVIEW: Coldwater by Samuel Parker

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I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by Revell. I was not compensated for this review and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I was not required to write a positive review.

BOOK REVIEW: Coldwater by Samuel ParkerColdwater by Samuel Parker
Published by Baker Books on January 2nd 2018
Genres: Fiction, Supernatural, Suspense, Thrillers
Pages: 320
Source: Revell

Having forfeited his youth to the state prison system, Michael moved back to the only home he'd ever known. An empty shell of a man who now lived--if it could be called living--in the still vacant house of his parents in a town with one stoplight. A town that hated him. Had always hated him. And was ready to pick up where the prison system had let off.

Now he's on the run from men who've tried to kill him once; but Michael is more than an ex-con. A powerful, sinister force creeps inside him, threatening and destructive. Who--and what--it will destroy next is the only real question. From the bold voice that brought readers down Purgatory Road comes a new pulse-pounding, spine-rattling tale of vengeance and justice that will have them up all night.

This book drew me in when I got the Revell email back in December and I knew I had to read it.  And then I had to wait to read it longer than anticipated due to delays and warehouse issues.  And then the first couple of chapters hooked me in so hard that I could have been on the edge of my seat but let’s face it most of my reading is done in the car or laying in bed.  (It’s a legit thing, go with it.)  And then …  I got lost somewhere in the mix.  In the first 10% or so of the book I was waiting for everything to pounce.  Kristin’s book hadn’t come yet but I compelled her to go online and read the first chapter (even told her where to find it) I was so all in, so to speak.  She didn’t compel and I didn’t hold onto that feeling.  Let me tell ya why…

Michael is a man with a past.  A man who committed such a great sin and paid the price for that sin, in more ways than one.  Michael is a complex character with multiple motivations as he grows from a child (in prison no less) to a man trying to find a balance of normalcy in the ‘outside’.  As such a complex man I really feel like I lacked in finding a balance of who he actually was.  Outside of, of course, escaping from his pursuers (and there were a few) throughout the story.  The ‘posse’ (for lack of a better word) that pursued him were a mixed bag that I didn’t really get a good depth of their character.  Herd mentality comes to mind a bit with a strong leader who has all the wrong motivations who brings others into his twisted need to find ‘justice’.  Others who aren’t quite as committed to the idea as he is.  After leaving me hanging on the edge for a bit the story fell into the pattern of people running through the woods, running from something, to something, away from someone, always running.

Here’s the skinny, I was halfway through the book and still didn’t ‘get it’.  I mean I get that Michael had this power, for lack of a better word.  A power he didn’t control, that perhaps he didn’t quite understand, but a power that affected his entire ability to exist in the world with others and created the ‘posse’ turning on him.  I began to assume maybe he was like possessed or something but it was never truly made clear.  Even at the end there were so many things that I still felt in the dark about.  There were some interesting twists and turns throughout the last half the book and the ending wasn’t exactly near anything I saw coming but ultimately feel like I spent 300ish pages running through the woods and beating people up and running some more.  Some things came full circle, some things I don’t know that even a re-read will help me understand.  I may re-read it though just to attempt to figure things out but, while I felt the thrill of this book, I also almost feel like it could be a squeaky clean horror novel more than just a thriller.  I also feel like there is assuredly an audience out there that will embrace this book and love it and laud it’s amazingness.  It’s hard to find truly clean thrillers (or horror).  Yes there is violence but it’s not over the top or gory.  I’m not all in on that audience, I am slightly a sliver in so to speak.

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Samuel Parker

Samuel Parker was born in the Michigan boondocks but was raised on a never-ending road trip through the U.S. Besides writing, he is a process junkie and the ex-guitarist for several metal bands you’ve never heard of. He lives in West Michigan with his wife and twin sons.

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