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Reflections is a weekly meme hosted by Kristin of A Simply Enchanted Life and Fizzy of Fizzy Pop Collection. Every Sunday we will dig deeper in our recent reads to explore the real-life lessons within the pages. Reading the book yourself is not necessary to participate. If you would like to host your own reflection, you’re welcome to copy and paste this introduction, with the link to our pages. You may use our current or prior reflections or come up with your own.
In ‘Under a Cloudless Sky‘ by Chris Fabry Ruby’s daughter Frances is described as someone who ‘saw the glass half-empty and suspected the water in the bottom was contaminated.’ She always fears the worst – and part of her worse-case-scenario thinking is realized in what happens to Ruby.  In what ways do you relate to Frances’s tendency to worry?

Truth: I am a pessimistic optimist.  This is a legit thing that I totally made up a couple of years ago but it works for me.  I know a few other people that have claimed the moniker as their own as well.   Picture it this way, if you can imagine the absolute worst case scenario that could potentially happen and it doesn’t happen?  Gravy.  You just had a really great day.  If the absolute worst case doesn’t happen on any given day then even a totally wasted space of time day can become a good day.  Friends who don’t understand my unique outlook on life would probably say that a half-empty glass of contaminated water is very much me.  The truth is if the car is acting up and the sink is clogged and the heater is acting wonky but I don’t get offered a mostly empty glass of poison then it was overall a better day than it could have been.  Worry is a part of our motivation as human beings.  Worry can be used to propel us forward.  Worry tends to root us in inaction and even fear.  When we learn to manage our worry (like becoming a pessimistic optimist!) then worry can lead us through our fear and into something better.

Your turn!  Are you a worrier, worst case scenario kind of person?  How do you handle it?
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