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Reflections is a weekly meme hosted by Kristin of A Simply Enchanted Life and Fizzy of Fizzy Pop Collection. Every Sunday we will dig deeper in our recent reads to explore the real-life lessons within the pages. Reading the book yourself is not necessary to participate. If you would like to host your own reflection, you’re welcome to copy and paste this introduction, with the link to our pages. You may use our current or prior reflections or come up with your own.

In ‘Like Moonlight at Low Tide’ by Nicole Quigley, the main character Melissa struggles with finding her place in the hierarchy that is high school.  Having been bullied through middle school, Melissa and her family moved away.  Moving back several years later she had concerns about returning and trying to recreate an identity.  In all that happens at school and in her family upon her return she carries a lot of regret and self-doubt.  Befriending the ‘boy next door’ who slowly introduces her to the idea of faith and takes her to church, Melissa feels that becoming a Christian would be ‘too convenient’ and too easy to erase the regret she carries. Have you ever felt like you could never be good or pure enough? How did you deal with those feelings?

If you tell me that you have never felt like you weren’t good enough for any reason I’ll take you straight to Maury myself for the lie detector test.  If you tell me that you’ve never had doubts that you are worthy of God’s love, the Gibbs’ Smack will come out.  The truth is that self-doubt about our goodness and worthiness is as old as sin.  And that’s what they are … sin.  If I tried to list all the different ways that I’ve fallen into both these sins you’d get bored and I’d die in the telling.  It’s not always the big stuff, that’s easier to identify and eradicate.  It’s the little stuff that is way more insidious.  Hand in hand with this is the thought that ‘it’s too minor to take to God’.  ‘Other people have bigger issues’.  Guess what?  He doesn’t care!  God wants you when you feel not good enough.  God wants you when you feel not pure enough.  God wants to blanket you in his love and wash the self-doubt and fear and dust away.  Dealing with those feelings is an entirely different matter than identifying them.  I’m blessed beyond measure with loving friends who keep me on target and help me see the bigger picture than just my own mirror.  They remind me that I’m good enough right where I am and how I am.  Snaufling and all.

Your turn!  Have you ever felt like you could never be good or pure enough? How did you deal with those feelings?
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