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Reflections is a weekly meme hosted by Kristin of A Simply Enchanted Life and Fizzy of Fizzy Pop Collection. Every Sunday we will dig deeper in our recent reads to explore the real-life lessons within the pages. Reading the book yourself is not necessary to participate. If you would like to host your own reflection, you’re welcome to copy and paste this introduction, with the link to our pages. You may use our current or prior reflections or come up with your own.
In ‘All She Left Behind‘ by Jane Kirkpatrick, Ariyah and Jennie are best friends.  As Jennie’s life turns sideways with her husband giving her a divorce (that he filed for on her behalf of course) and she finds ways to support herself and her son, Ariyah stands beside her through the gossip and negativity.  At one point Ariyah tells Jennie that guilt ‘is a fiend’ and urges her to make a personal change to ward it off.  Has there been a time when guilt held you back?  How did you find a path through it to a new hope?

Let’s just say that when it comes to guilt I’m like a Jewish Catholic Mother.  Well, you know if I wan’t to stereotype it and all.  I took the last piece of bread at the Italian restaurant – guilt.  I mean I know they are bringing more but it’s just the fact that I didn’t leave it for someone else.  Guilt goes bigger than breadsticks and even Mexican restaurant chips, though there is never a last one there.  I cry with guilt bombs when an animal runs out in front of my car and there’s not time to stop.  Guilt eats at me at lost opportunities.  Almost exactly a year ago someone I considered framily passed away.  I still carry guilt at the time I missed out on as our lives had taken us in different directions for some time and I’m horrible at keeping in touch.  A few months later his wife, whom I considered one of my best friends, also passed away.  While we had that time between his passing and hers to reconnect I still have guilt at what we missed out on.  Guilt is a fiend.  Guilt tries to steal the joy of the time we had by reminding me of the time we didn’t have.  Guilt is one of those things that I can’t seem to shake indefinitely.  It comes back like a soul sucking leech at the oddest moments.  Facebook memories are the worst.  I live for them but then the sorrow returns.  This last guilt, I’m still working through in bits and bobbles as it rears up.  For me I have to remind myself that what’s done can’t be undone.  Yes I missed this but I had that.  It’s twisting the guilt of the lost to the memory of the had.  I’ll still let guilt keep me from the last cookie (I don’t really need it anyway) but I can’t let guilt steal my memories of what I had.

Your turn!  Has there been a time when guilt held you back?  How did you find a path through it to a new hope?
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