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Reflections is a weekly meme hosted by Kristin of A Simply Enchanted Life and Fizzy of Fizzy Pop Collection. Every Sunday we will dig deeper in our recent reads to explore the real-life lessons within the pages. Reading the book yourself is not necessary to participate. If you would like to host your own reflection, you’re welcome to copy and paste this introduction, with the link to our pages. You may use our current or prior reflections or come up with your own.
In ‘Bringing Maggie Home‘ by Kim Vogel Sawyer, Hazel’s baby sister was taken while they were out picking berries when she was very young.  The blame that Hazel took on herself clouded her life and future relationship with her own daughter.  Fear that she would ‘lose’ her too.  Hazel allowed her fear of losing someone she loved to make her overly protective of her daughter Diane, which damaged their relationship. How do we learn to set aside fear and choose to trust God even when bad things befall us or our loved ones?

Fear is a powerful emotion.  Fear is also a powerful crutch.  I think if we were honest with ourselves, fear drives the majority of our emotional responses, well fear and anger.  The Bible advises us over 365 times to ‘fear not’ or ‘do not be afraid’.  I know, it’s an overdone cliche metaphor, but it’s still pretty important to remind ourselves of that now and again.  It’s also easy to accept blame for things beyond our control due to the pressure of others, the pressure we put on ourselves, and fear.  Obviously, as a child herself Hazel was not personally responsible that her younger sister Maggie disappeared.  However, her parents reaction and her own internal dialogue of frustration she had already had with Maggie clouded her understanding of events as they were unfolding.  Hurts that never go away, even when they are so deeply buried in our psyche that we can’t remember the reason behind the fear.  Fear not.  Easy to type, even to say, so hard to actually cling to. The only way to cling to that admonishment is to create the habit of turning to God with every frustration, every fear, ever joy, every sorrow, every hurt.  It has to be a habit.  Habits are things we do without thinking.  If we have to think about it, fear has the foothold to get in.  If we have to remember to do it, fear has it’s open door.  If we are in the habit of turning to God with everything, good and bad, then it makes it harder for fear to color our perceptions and experiences in the world.

Your turn!  Share your thoughts on how to learn to set aside fear and trust in God, especially in the rough times.

Join us next week as we continue to look at the relationships of Hazel, Diane, and Meghan from ‘Finding Maggie’ by Kim Vogel Sawyer.
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