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Earlier this year Wanda E. Brunstetter posted about contentment on her website.  You can find the link here –> Contentment.  In that post she talks about the differences in lifestyle between the Amish and ‘English’ when it comes to contentment.  The lack of boredom, the lack of needing to be constantly stimulated in order to achieve contentment, really just the ability to enjoy the scenery on our way through life.  I highly encourage you to go read the post there for her full thoughts as they are definitely worth reading.  In this post she asks some good questions that I’d like to pose back to you here.  What are some things you do that bring contentment? Does your family, or even yourself if you are truly honest, require ‘things’ and stimulation to find contentment? How can we help the youth of today find contentment in simple things?

I sat down to write my response to this weeks Reflection and got sucked into a little game on my phone.  How is that for a ‘we need to talk’ moment.  The truth is, it’s not always been that way.  Don’t get me wrong I like gadgets and gizmos and whatnots and allthats.  I make the comment about my phone when the reality is that I use my phone as just that more than probably anyone I know.  Phone typing and I are mortal enemies which means that if you text me it means you want me to call you at my earliest convenience.  Facebook is for looking at, not actually using.  I can read an email but don’t expect a response until I get to the computer.  That being said, it’s not always been that way.  My favorite memories of growing up involve games, books, chickens, and barn lofts.  From the time my sister and I were old enough to ‘get it’ I remember sitting down to play card and/or board games as a family after dinner each night.  My dad’s favorite (still is actually) was Rook.  I remember her and I getting each other games for gifts at birthdays and holidays and spending all of school breaks on the big bed playing game after game after game all day long for multiple days in a row.  When we weren’t playing games I was reading, couldn’t tell ya what she was doing as my sister to this day does not read for pleasure.  Growing up on the farm we played in the barn loft a lot as well.  And there was some chicken stalking thing we did a lot of in the summer.  Yes, we were chicken stalkers.  You can now say you’ve heard it all.

Somewhere along the line we got an Atari 2600 and it was game on Frogger and Qbert.  Those were our favorites.  But we still played games and stalked chickens and I may or may not have read all the libraries available to me.  I still love games (board, card and some computer) and I still read books (too many to count).  I did give up chicken stalking though.  I’ve never been into phone things and console games but don’t touch my Sims.  I think it takes balance to find contentment, with or without technology.  Game nights are harder to come by since I don’t have any game-y friends who also live locally.  Though Munch loves a good game night it’s hard with just the two of us.  That and he’s young and easy prey, um target, never mind he’s young.  The Minions are all about TV and gadgets but they are also learning to love games and books and running in circles in the grass barefoot because they can.  Balance.

Your turn!  Share how you, and your family, find contentment in the comments below.  Feel free to share on Wanda’s post as well.
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