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In ‘The Celebration‘ by Wanda Brunstetter, Velma is an interesting character.  She’s a little bit different with a harder edge around her.  With 4 children, two whom have left home and a truck driver husband whose crusty edge is even harder she brings an interesting perspective to the story.  Velma believes that it’s best to let our children learn life’s lessons from their own mistakes.  Do you agree with this philosophy?  Why or why not?

I can’t help but think that if all parents subscribed to this philosophy to some degree then we would have less ‘adults’ that don’t know how to be adults.  Think about yourself, even as a hopefully responsible adult, and how often you can be told that something is a bad idea but you do it anyway.  If adults need to make the mistake (sometimes multiple times to truly get it) then how can we expect any different from our children?  That doesn’t mean we don’t protect our children from situations they can’t yet understand.  I wouldn’t give a toddler a penny so they can learn from the mistake of swallowing it.  If you tell a child ‘don’t touch that, it’s hot, it will burn you’ at some point they are going to touch it.  We know it’s hot.  We know it will burn.  We know burns hurt.  They may know that because we have told them a million and twenty times but they can’t really learn it until they experience it.  Hopefully in a minor way.  Our children, young and old, are going to make mistakes that will forever alter their lives.  We can’t make every single choice for them and buffer them from every possible contingency.  I truly believe that if we relax a little (where it is feasibly safe to do so…don’t had a toddler a penny people!) and know that little hurts now can prevent big hurts later our children will be more balanced because of it.

Your turn!  Do you a believe that it’s best to let our children learn life’s lessons from their own mistakes?  Share in the comments below.
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